Rider Biomechanics: Illustrated Guide (UK/Australian Edition)

ISBN: 9781910016145
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Through Rider Biomechanics one gains a complete understanding of the biomechanics of the rider via a new understanding of fascia, – the fabric of the body that links muscles into functional chains, rather like strings of sausages. Within both human and equine bodies these form ‘lines of pull’, affecting posture, movement, stability and mobility.

Through clear ‘how to’ descriptions, coupled with copious illustrations, the reader learns how to rebalance the tension within and between one’s own ‘lines of pull’. The ultimate task is to use this developing awareness to rebalance the tension in the horse’s ‘line of pull’, gaining much more influence over his carriage and movement. The secrets of talented riders are laid bare.

Key Points

  • Explains how the body’s connective tissue ultimately determines the balance of horse and rider
  • Provides a map and techniques for rebalancing the ‘lines of pull’ creating better balance between horse and rider
  • Illustrations and photographs throughout explain the ‘lines of pull’ and how to reorganise and influence one’s horse
  • Draws upon the ‘Anatomy Trains’ model of Thomas Myers


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