5 Horse Types

ISBN: 9781646010530
Format: Paperback

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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Training and Caring for Every Horse

The definitive guide to individualized equine management based on the horse’s personality and body type.

Dr. Ina Gösmeier leads the horse world in her area of specialization. A classically trained veterinarian, she supports her Western medical practice with knowledge gained through the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This handbook provides a basic introduction to the guiding principle of determining a horse’s type before making decisions about handling, care, training, or treatment.

According to TCM there are five horse types, assignments that are based not only on the horse’s behavior, but on his build and body conformation, as well as diagnosis of his tongue and pulse. By determing the horse’s type, you learn:

  • How to understand and partner with each individual equine in the best ways possible.
  • Appropriate choices related to training and handling techniques.
  • Insight related to how a horse travels and what can keep him comfortable and healthy on the road.
  • Why one horse learns quickly, why one always needs more rest, why another needs to be motivated with variety, and why some are fine alone while others need a friend at their side.

A TCM type description helps the horse owner and rider assess the horse more accurately, promote the horse’s training and well-being in a targeted manner, and troubleshoot existing and potential rideability problems. This book shares 11 case studies of horse types “in harmony” and “in disharmony” to demonstrate how the five horse types can be applied on day-to-day basis as well when treatment for injury or illness is necessary. Basic instructions for DIY acupressure and herbal therapy for health maintenance over the long term are also included.

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