Selling a Horse

ISBN: 9780851317502
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Selling a horse is often a difficult and tenuous exercise, especially if the horse has problems. This book sets out to advise sellers about the strengths and weaknesses of their positions: information being the essence of preparation. Thus forearmed, you can be ready for any problems that are likely to arise and, by anticipating the pitfalls, avoid those that are often also inevitable. The subjects include: the law of the land; public and private sales; vices; vendors’ certificates; conditions for which a horse may be returned; warranties; preparation for sale; and the vet’s opinion. “Selling a Horse” is an ideal companion to the author’s “Vetting the Horse”, “Soundness in the Horse” and “Buying a Horse”. It is an essential addition to every horse owner’s bookshelf.

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