Boots Bandages & Studs

ISBN: 9780851318158
Format: Paperback

Book Details

The profusion of boots bandages and studs on the market today provides
the horse owner with a wide but confusing choice and these support
and protective devices can if incorrectly used damage the horses they
are designed to protect. Boots Bandages and Studs emphasizes the
importance of the comfort of the horse and the safety of both horse and
rider. Vanessa Britton’s comprehensive text gives the specific
application of each boot and bandage and states which should be used
for ridden work travelling and injuries. It describes how to fit the
boots and the bandaging correctly and gives advice on the allocation
of studs for a particular job and on the protection of stud holes when
the studs are not in use. This invaluable guide should be on the
bookshelf of every rider trainer and student.

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