Engraving On Precious Metals

ISBN: 9780719800221
Format: Hardback

Book Details

Engraving by hand is the oldest art of mankind and one that still flourishes today. With a simple message the precious metal engraver can give a unique personality to an otherwise commonplace cigarette box, goblet or compact. Despite the singular character of the craft very few practical books have been written on engraving precious and other materials employed by the jeweller; in fact none have been published in the United Kingdom for many years. “Engraving on Precious Metals” is for professionals and others who wish to learn hand engraving as a hobby or trade, and reveals many previously undisclosed practices of the commercial engraver which help to make his skill quite astonishing. All aspects of the craft are covered exhaustively, including the relatively modern innovation of the high-class machine engraver. This machine is particularly useful for repeat monograms and designs which are afterwards filled, because the template that guides the machine can be cut by hand. Illustrated throughout with over 250 drawings, the book gives practical hints for use in the workshop, while artistic matters are covered extensively in chapters on lettering design and layout, monograms, nameplates and ornamentation. A basic knowledge of ancillary crafts can be found in the sections on piercing, polishing, soldering and inlaying, and the use of unusual materials such as ivory, wood or plastic is also discussed. The final chapter contains a wide selection of different styles of lettering which are numbered for easy reference, and can be used by the retailer to indicate styles to customers and engravers

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