Total Recall: Perfect Response Training for Puppies and Adult Dogs

ISBN: 9781846891496
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Total Recall – Will teach you how to use modern reward-based dog training methods effectively.

No more Fenton moments….!

Of course, it’s not just the owner of ‘Fenton’ from that infamous YouTube clip of the Labrador chasing deer in Richmond Park – many dog owners struggle to manage their dogs, and the vast majority of people who need help have one simple but overwhelming problem. Their dog won’t come back when they call him.

Through focusing on this single and most important of obedience commands, Pippa Mattinson shows the dog owner how to build up a reliable recall successfully, layer by layer, and step by step, using effective and positive training techniques.

Total Recall is much more than a recall training book. It is a detailed reference and guide to canine behaviour and dog training that will fascinate dog owners the world over.

“The book’s strength lies in clear, engaging writing and, in particular, in its structured exercises designed to build a recall from scratch.”  Dogs Today

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