Introduction to Spiritual Ecology: The Magic of Nature

ISBN: 9780719831546
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Our world is constantly undergoing changes and while most of these occur within the natural cycles of the year, seasons, day and night, now there are new powerful forces for transformation bringing chaos and disruption to many. The certainties by which we have always lived are being swept away. We have to rethink many aspects of our lives and find a new spiritual path. Combining this journey with the natural world will bring us closer to health, happiness and contentment. This book explores many traditional ideas about sustaining our relationship with nature. By reconnecting to wild places, to trees and stones, to plants and animals, to rivers and oceans, and to the tides and cycles of our ever-turning planet, we can restore the ancient magical arts that have guided people since the Stone Age, and so learn to heal ourselves and help to heal the Earth. By respecting life, we can develop a modern spiritual impulse that honours the past, works with change and creates hope for the future.

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