Book of Shadows (large) (reprint) *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9780919345669
Format: Hardback

Book Details

“A Book of Shadows”, used by an individual, is a journal of one’s magical experiences, thoughts, mediations, etc. When used by a group, it also will contain that group’s own unique set of magical instructions, methods of operation, philosophy, belief system, etc. “A Book of Shadows” should also contain a record of all magical workings done, including the background to these events as well as the influences present at the time, such as the sun’s sign, moon’s phrase, aspects and planetary hour (if used) and the like. As well, note the results of magical workings as they manifest. This will enable you, or the group, to determine which magical methods are most effective. It is also a good idea to list important books and other recommended reading. Your “Book of Shadows” is an important magical tool and must be treated accordingly. Allow no one but yourself to see it or have access to it. If used by a group, all initiated members should have access to it but make one member (designated as the ‘scribe’) be responsible for the recording of the information. Use a special pen and ink for this purpose only. When training new members of a group, allow them supervised access to the book while they copy information by hand – do not permit them to take the book home or make photocopies. Wrap the book in silk and keep in a secure location. Your “Book of Shadows” deserves your greatest honour and respect.

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