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Alongside the Spitfire and Lancaster, the DH82 Tiger Moth biplane is one of the few aircraft that even the non-enthusiast can identify at first glance. This recognition comes in part from the Tiger’s amazing longevity – first flown in 1931, the Tiger Moth was still active in military service in the 1960s, when Royal Navy Tigers were flying on and off aircraft carriers. Easy to fly, but difficult to fly well, from the first the Tiger was a trainer but it has also been used as glider tug, crop sprayer, film ‘stunt’ plane and wing walker platform. In 1940 Tiger Moths were even fitted with anti-personnel bombs and the Tiger also flew on floats and from catapult launchers. With over 8000 built, the Tiger saw service with almost every British and Commonwealth air force, as well as being exported to air forces in South America, the Middle East and the Pacific. The Tiger also saw service in civilian flying clubs around the world and even today, at least 250 Tiger Moths remain airworthy.

  • The Tiger was used in military service in almost every British & Commonwealth air force.
  • Over 1,000 DH82s were manufactured in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The Tiger remains in widespread use as a recreational aircraft, and is a feature exhibit in many aviation museums today.
  • Author recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on the de Havilland Moths.
  • Over 500 photographs & illustrations

ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Stuart McKay learned to fly on a Gipsy Major-powered Beagle Terrier 2 in 1963 and three years later commenced building a Jodel D.9 which made its maiden flight from Heathrow in 1969. In 1970 he acquired the redundant Tiger Moth glider tug F-BGJE, but pressure of work meant that it was not flying again until 1997, registered as G-AZZZ. He is Founder and Secretary of the de Havilland Moth Club and is also Editor of the Club magazine ‘The Moth’. In recognition of his services to the Club he was awarded the Bronze Medal of the Royal Aero Club in 1984 and appointed MBE in 1997. He is perhaps the world’s leading expert on de Havilland Moths.


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