Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 12

ISBN: 9781906592455
Format: Paperback

Book Details

The last volume in this popular series covering 1st June 1944 – 18th January 1946. A documentary history of every enemy aircraft brought down over the United Kingdom.

Red Kite are proud to present Volume Twelve of Nigel Parker’s Luftwaffe Crash Archive, the final one in the series. Researched over twenty years, this incredible body of work brings together details from the official RAF intelligence and interrogation reports, and combines them into a definitive guide to every enemy aircraft that came down over the UK during WWII. With over 150 photos in each volume, drawn from dozens of expert sources, this lavishly illustrated series is a must for any Luftwaffe enthusiast or indeed anyone with an interest in the Air-War 1939-1945.

Volume Twelve covers from June 1944 until the end of the war, along with an interesting section on post-war crashes of Luftwaffe aircraft whilst being flown by RAF personnel.   With Luftwaffe operations dropping off significantly after May 1944, this period is covered in the first 26 pages of the book. The remaining 78 pages are taken up with a comprehensive index to the entire LCA series, split into three sections. The first covers Personnel, listed by surname. The second section covers Aircraft Codes alphabetically; and the third covers Werke Numbers, listed by aircraft types. This huge index forms a fitting end to this remarkable series.

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