Luftwaffe Crash Archive Desert Special Volume 1

ISBN: 9781906592660
Format: Paperback

Book Details

The war in North Africa left hundreds of aircraft wrecks littering the landscape, many of which were photographed by the opposing sides. To catalogue them all would be impossible but South African researcher Stefaan Bouwer set out to catalogue those Axis wrecks found and photographed by South African Forces as they pushed on from North Africa all the way through to Germany itself.

This book is therefore a pictorial record of the Axis aircraft that were found and, in some cases, flown by the South Africans during their North African/Italian campaign.

Looking at the vast number of wrecks it is difficult to comprehend that within a few years almost every one had disappeared.

With privileged access to many private albums, Stefaan presents an impressive collection of over 300 rare, unusual – and unofficial –photos of these ‘desert wrecks’.

Volume One covers all German types apart from the Me109. Volume Two will cover the Me109 plus a handful of Italian and French types.

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