Hawker Typhoon 1940 – Spring 1943: Wingleader Photo Archive Number 16

ISBN: 9781908757272
Format: Paperback

Book Details

When we first set out on this series, our aim was not only to reproduce the best wartime photographs available, but also to have the most knowledgeable authors on the subject to write about them. I think we’ve been very successful in both aims so far and for Number 16 I’m delighted to welcome a new author to the team who certainly fits that brief.

Chris Thomas, the son of a Typhoon pilot,  is probably the world’s leading expert on the Hawker Typhoon and has an incredible reference library on this classic fighter.  Originally we thought about having one volume on the Typhoon and one on the Tempest, but with Chris’s archive and knowledge, we think that we may stretch to four or even five books on the two aircraft.

This first one covers the early days of Typhoon development and operations and includes the usual mix of high-res wartime photos, informative captions and plenty of ‘I never knew that’ moments, especially in the area of recognition markings which these early Typhoons saw their fair share of.

‍As with all the books in this series, we’ve enhanced the photos to pull out the shadow detail and have added arrows and letters to identify points of interest.

This book contains approx 120 original wartime/pre-war photos and 6 in-depth colour profiles

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