Dr Moore’s Automaton

ISBN: 9781916668072
Format: P
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

Craig Moore is a brilliant but introverted programmer, who finds himself thrust into a world of government intrigue and technological warfare when a letter arrives from the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. Officials want Craig to assist them in their attempts to automate a recently developed tank, but the extent of Craig’s brilliance astounds them, and he is exploited on both sides of the Atlantic – both in the production of the tank and, later on, a prototype uncrewed helicopter. However, when his machines are used to exact vengeance on a terrorist group, the terrible, unexpected consequences, and the subsequent political fallout, leave officials looking for a scapegoat – with the machines’ inventor in the firing line. Dr Moore’s Automaton considers a critical issue of our time, delving into the complex web of responsibility involved in the development of autonomous vehicles, and the human toll of technological advancement.

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