Angel Eyes: The Violin Trade, Money, Power, Corruption & Sex

ISBN: 9781805142027
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

In 1929, after her mother dies giving birth to her Grace Scott is raised by her father and German grandfather, who run a violin business in Chicago. In their care, she develops a formidable intellect, but as a teenager she is somewhat overweight; an unfortunate combination for a woman in 1940s America. Believing that this will affect her chances of finding a husband, to provide her with a degree of autonomy, her father and grandfather turn her into an outstanding violin connoisseur. In spite of their efforts, determined to control her own destiny, Grace seduces an older English violin dealer. However, when the pair move to war ravaged London, her plan backfires. Using their daughter as leverage, her husband controls Grace’s every move. In 1965, after years of oppression and exploitation, Grace, begins a torrid affair with her husband’s youngest employee. Things reach a crisis when Grace discovers that her father-in-law has been hoarding a collection of antique violins that were stolen by the Nazis. Horrified, Grace arranges for the instrument’s restitution. Returning to the United States alone, in Washington DC Grace becomes embroiled in women’s emancipation, equal rights and the anti-Vietnam war movement.

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