Trinity of Souls

ISBN: 9781805142140
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

After a near-fatal crash in the Scottish Highlands, Ben, an ex-army major with a passion for protecting the innocent, dreams of previous deaths. Visited by a mysterious stranger who puts him into a series of trances to reveal more of his past, he stops the sessions after seeing his fiancee burned as a witch. Ben’s doctor, Susan, is driven by her desire to care for people. Strangely drawn to Ben, she shares a vision in which they are drowned as human sacrifices. Still disoriented, she agrees to accompany new colleague, Lord Mortimer, to a conference in Dubai. There the lord imprisons her in his desert villa where he demonstrates how he has achieved immortality by consuming a man’s soul, telling her she will be next. Sharing more past experiences while fighting to stay alive in the present, Susan and Ben must endure unspeakable horrors across millennia to discover the clues they need to survive; to find each other, and to challenge their nemesis. From ancient Egypt to the D-Day landings; from the African slave trade to punk rock; a multitude of lives lived, culminating in a single moment. All as the sinister Mortimer, destroyer of souls, lies in wait.

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