Where the Bruised Pieces Go: A Sam Stirling profile

ISBN: 9781805141730
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

London is being haunted by a serial killer who is beginning to evolve. Victims are left at iconic city landmarks and in the garden squares of the east end. They are carefully displayed with a pear in one hand and their heart in the other. The streets of London are not paved with gold but covered in blood. Sam Stirling is the psychologist building the criminal profile to help DCI Albert ‘Smiley’ Riley and his team apprehend him. If Sam is to succeed, he will need assistance from psychotherapist Emma Malone. But the killer has developed an unhealthy obsession with Sam and Emma catches his eye… After another victim is discovered with one more disturbing clue, the case finally starts to make sense. But as Sam closes in, the killer reverses the roles. Who is the profiler now? This is a book about the damage damaged people can cause, both to those they choose as their victims, and those whose task it is to bring them to justice. It is a novel of layers and nuances as well as being a rollercoaster ride. Sam’s and Emma’s stories hurtle along parallel tracks, and the reader knows that at some stage these tracks will meet in an explosive way. And so they do, but there’s also a twist in the tale that will take your breath away. In ‘Where the Bruised Pieces Go’, Jane Fawley has set a benchmark for psychological crime dramas second to none. Claire Dyer author of The Significant Others Of Odie May

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